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SimplePay Programs

Interchange Plus:

Transparent merchant fee pricing model.

Interchange plus pricing is a credit card processing pricing structure that separates the components of processing, costs allowing for transparent reporting and interchange optimization.

This often leads to lower costs when compared with other forms of pricing such as tiered or bundled. 

You only pay the actual cost of processing a transaction, without any additional markup.

cbd credit card processing

Cannabis Debit Processing

Debit processing for cannabis businesses.

A fully compliant pin debit solution. No cashless ATM’S that round the transaction to the nearest 10th, then gives the customer the cash back as the difference!

Down scale the need to carry so much cash. Reduce the cost of security and the amount of cash on hand for potential robberies.

Become compliant and avoid the VISA potential fines.

Fixed flat rate of 2.55% to determine the merchants monthly cost. With a fixed Rate program, there’s no more guessing month-to-month what your rate is. No matter what their monthly sales volume is, the merchant is guaranteed to pay only 2.55%.

Much less than SquareShopify and PayPal. It’s Simple, Safe and Secure… SimplePay!

* Rate of 2.55% based on card present (CP) transactions.  A rate of 3.55% + .20 cents per transaction for any card not present (CNP) transactions.  Flat rate pricing is based off of our SimplePay core processing.

$90 Flat:

Transparent merchant fee pricing model.

Combine the values of Cash Discount pricing to the merchant without the confusion.

SimplePay uses a non cash adjustment fee to compensate for the merchant processing fees. The end result is a simple fixed monthly payment for the merchant without processing limits!

Regardless of how many transactions and volume in any given month, the merchant will only be charged $90. Simple, Safe and Secure… SimplePay!