No more costly fees that go up and down depending on your monthly volume and no worries about what your rate is.  No contracts or term commitments to agree to.  No early termination fees.  You pay a simple fixed flat fee of $90 every month as long as you process through SimplePay. 

Finally a fair processing solution that allows your business to avoid tricky and non-transparent processing fees.  Accept the same credit/debit cards as before for payments from your customers. Contact us to learn more about SimplePay.


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About SimplePay

Business Solutions Experts

SimplePay is a full service payment provider offering solutions and consulting services for all business. Our company’s primary objective is providing business owners with our value based business solutions as an industry leader with transparency across all aspects of services we provide. We strive to set ourselves differently than just a routine sales organization but to truly set the business owner up for continued success across all platforms and services offered.

With comprehensive and competitive pricing that goes straight up against companies like Square and PayPal, SimplePay will add value and dependability to your business.  Accept credit cards, gift card, e-checks and alternative payments today.

SimplePay Programs

SimplePay uses a fixed flat rate of 2.55% to determine the merchants monthly cost. With a fixed Rate program, there’s no more guessing month-to-month what your rate is. No matter what their monthly sales volume is, the merchant is guaranteed to pay only 2.55%.

Much less than Square, Shopify and PayPal. It’s Simple, Safe and Secure… SimplePay!

* Rate of 2.55% based on card present (CP) transactions.  A rate of 3.55% + .20 cents per transaction for any card not present (CNP) transactions.  Flat rate pricing is based off of our SimplePay core processing.

SimplePay combines the values of Cash Discount pricing to the merchant without the confusion. SimplePay uses a non cash adjustment fee to compensate for the merchant processing fees. The end result is a simple fixed monthly payment for the merchant without processing limits! Regardless of how many transactions and volume in any given month, the merchant will only be charged $90. Simple, Safe and Secure… SimplePay!

SimplePay Restaurant Revitalization Plan

SimplePay’s plan was developed by restaurant owners to help bounce back from the financial devastation that has hit the restaurant and hospitality industry. From small business restaurants to large chains, we understand the need is greater than ever to stay in business.  Many businesses just need direction on how they can increase sales without spending any money of what they desperately don not have! SimplePay has the solution you need.

eCommerce Solutions

SimplePay eCommerce provides card not present business models with viable and dependable solutions allowing our partners to thrive and grow their business.  From a wide variety of verticals, SimplePay and its team will stand behind your eCommerce business.


Online Ordering for Restaurants
SimplePay Online Ordering is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on a customer’s order.  During these trying times, help your restaurant navigate the COVID-19 health crisis by providing access to your online menu ordering so you can keep your staff safe, communities fed and revenue coming in.

SimplePay POS (Restaurant)

This server based system offers all the functionality of a true enterprise POS system at a fraction of the cost.  Full reporting and inventory tracking will keep your restaurant running with precision.

SimplePay POS can work as a single station POS or with multiple stations.  Dependable, reliable and durable, our POS is built to last.

DejaPay Pro

DejaPay Pro is a versitile POS that works with retail and restaurant merchants.  DejaPay Pro works with full EMV compliance to help keep your business safe from fraud.  Easy set up and mobility allow this cloud based system to power your business with leading software design, easy sales features and reporting.  This IOS tablet based system runs off the cloud and is fully expandable.


Cloud-based solutions for real businesses. Sophisticated, yet intuitive. Powerful, yet simple.  Lightspeed is more than a POS—it’s the center of your business, online and in store.

Menu/catalog changes can be made on the fly with just a few clicks.  Mobility allows you to use LightSpeed as either a stationary unit or on the go with table side orders.  

Clover Station

Clover POS is a cloud based POS that works with both retail and restaurant POS.  Clover runs on a FirstData platform and is capable of full EMV compliance.  

The clover bundle comes with everything that you need to start taking orders.  

Clover is also available in the Mini version pictured above.


The SimplePay Guarantee

We stand so firmly behind SimplePay that we encourage our merchants to try it out for a month and if you don’t see a difference, we will cancel your service.  We trust that with our simplified no obligation pricing structure you will see a big difference in how you pay for your processing service every month.

Getting Started

Getting started with SimplePay is easy!  Just apply with one of our professional representatives and your business can be set up in about a day or so to accept all major card brands including debit.  With SimplePay you will also have access to your merchant online portal to manage your account and make any changes needed.  You also receive support for your account 24/7.

SimplePay Services &

Business Solutions Experts
SimplePay offers a wide variety of solutions to fit all types of business.  From POS integrations, terminal payment solutions, eCommerce, Online ordering, payroll, marketing solutions and merchant loans, SimplePay has a solution built for your business.

Learn more about all of the different product solutions that we offer for your business. 

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